PT Bayu Buana Gemilang

PT Bayu Buana Gemilang (BBG) is one of the leading private companies in Indonesia’s downstream Natural Gas sector. Its main business is in trading and distribution of Natural Gas by pipeline.

Started the distribution network since 2003, now BBG has successfully developed 70 kilometers of gas pipe distribution network in West Java, East Java and East Kalimantan. With total capacity over 70 MMCSFD being operated and maintained by skilled and certified manpower.

PT Citra Nusantara Gemilang was established as a sister company to answer the challenge of distributing gas to demand areas not reached by pipelines by applying Compressed Natural Gas. BBG also generates power from natural gas with application of Gas Engine in Bontang - East Kalimantan.

Along with its subsidiary companies, BBG currently trades and distributes natural gas via land pipes, trucks and other land based facilities trough the application of various available technology such as CNG, NGV and gas fired power plants.

The commitment to be the best and leading private national gas trader company in Indonesia, implies BBG to redeploy its products, services and expertise and also the continuous efforts to apply globally available technology as a solution for customers across Indonesia’s archipelagic region.

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